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S29 E02 – Springfield Splendor

  We have a very strange episode to talk about today folks. It’s pretty clear that the most recent era of the Simpsons has not exactly been my favorite. Lots of episodes that have landed with a dull thud for me. So, imagine my surprise when I found […]

S28 E21 – Dogtown

  Well folks, we’re closing out our final full season of the Simpsons here on Lifetime of Simpsons. And what better way to end Season 28 than by having Springfield face yet another Apocalypse? This time it’s dogs! And it all begins in a very surreal way, with […]

S28 E16 – 22 For 30

  Yesterday I mentioned that this week was going to be filled to the brim with rather subpar episodes. But, there’s a caveat. Today’s episode! It ends up actually being a pretty decent episode, and really the only one of the week that I really enjoyed. Although, I’m […]

S28 E13 – Fatzcarraldo

  Yesterday we got to talk about an incredibly strange and enjoyable episode that did things we’d never seen before in the Simpsons. And today we’re going to talk about chili dogs! It’s serviceable! Today’s story begins with what appears to be a Monolith from 2001. But, it’s […]