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S03 E03 – When Flanders Failed

Oh boy! Another episode that fleshes out a secondary character. I really didn’t remember that I loved these type of episodes so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the family, but it’s really fun to learn about the other people living in Springfield, even though usually it’s […]

S03 E01 – Stark Raving Dad

Well, Season 3 starts off with another amazing sibling episode, and a great guest appearance. That’s right, the Leon Kompowsky! It’s also a really weird episode about conformity and insanity. Let’s jump right in. We start with Lisa waking Bart up by pinching his nose and having him […]

S02 E22 – Blood Feud

Season finale! Already through 2 seasons, and man do I have to say that I’m loving this show again. I’d really forgotten how great it was, and just focused on how bad it got. And now I’m remembering why I was obsessed with this show growing up. It’s […]

S02 E17 – Old Money

Oof. Here’s a depressing kick in the gut. I love Grandpa Simpson so much. He’s so loud and unpleasant. And this is his first chance to really shine. This season has been making baby steps in branching away from the direct family, letting more ancillary characters get their […]