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Hobbs & Shaw and the Superman Dilemma

  A few years ago I decided to do something very stupid. Which, certainly doesn’t narrow down the various idiotic things I do, often in support of this site. But, in 2017 while facing a weekend with no movie in theaters that I really wanted to see, I […]

Brightburn and Elseworlds

  I haven’t exactly been subtle with my opinions regarding the recent cinematic appearances of Superman. The trifecta of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League are easily some of the worst representations that that character has ever had, and it’s embarrassing how frustrated I get thinking about how much […]

1978 – Superman

The era of the blockbuster has begun. When I first started this project I tried to lay out the idea that the films I’d be highlighting were just the film from each year that I personally liked the most, not necessarily what the “best” film of the year […]