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The Mandalorian and Redemption

  A couple of weeks ago I discussed HBO’s Watchmen, a show that I liked quite a bit, and which really hit home how powerful it is to use a more traditional television release schedule, coming out week by week so that everyone can have a communal experience and enjoy […]

The Last Jedi and Stories

  It’s the holiday-season, which only means one thing. It’s time for another entry in the new sequence of Star Wars films! And, since it’s an odd year that means it’s time to dive back into the saga of the Skywalkers with a new Episode. And, let me just tell […]

Moonraker and Star Wars

Hey, wait a minute. Yesterday the movie said that James Bond would return in For Your Eyes Only! This is most certainly not For Your Eyes Only! Well, I guess that isn’t a bad thing, because (spoiler alert), I actually like this movie more than For Your Eyes Only. Which I think it kind […]