Tag: Season 30

S30 E23 – Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion

  Well folks, we’ve made it through another season of the Simpsons. When Season 30 began I kind of hoped that we would be bidding farewell to the show, but it seems like they still think there’s something to squeeze from this stone, and we’re getting at least […]

S30 E22 – Woo-Hoo Dunnit?

  Things last week got a little bleak here on Lifetime of Simpsons, just a general angst at the show’s continuing existence and it’s slide into irritatingly low quality. But, I was a little hopeful for today’s episode, not necessarily to turn things around, but to at least […]

S30 E17 – E My Sports

  Yesterday we got to talk about an episode of the Simpsons that was just kind of disappointing. It just wasn’t really anything special, and just felt a little tired. And, I was hoping that things might have turned around for today’s episode. Nope! It’s a been a […]