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Favorite Episodes: Season 1-6

  Hello everyone, and welcome to the first week of my Lifetime of Simpsons wrap-up. As I’ve said, I’m going to continue to discuss new episodes of the Simpsons as they air, but the project as it once was is now complete. I’ve discussed every episode of the […]

S03 E19 – Dog of Death

Well here’s a real weird and depressing episode. If you have a dog, you’re going to hug it after watching this episode (or maybe reading this article) because… yeesh. The episode starts off with a crazy commercial for the State Lottery, which is hilarious. Lottery commercials are always […]

S03 E15 – Homer Alone

Well here’s a weird episode. I really didn’t remember this one quite right. I forgot that it was such a Homer/Maggie episode, and had always remembered it being primarily a Marge one. We really haven’t had a solid Marge episode in a while, hopefully that gets fixed soon. […]