Tag: Season 29

S29 E21 – Flanders’ Ladder

  Well everyone, we’ve made it through yet another season of the Simpsons. And, it’s been a little rough. Honestly, when I first started this season, I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was the fact that I was nearing the end of the main form of this project, […]

S29 E19 – “Left Behind”

  Boy, Season 29 of the Simpsons sure has been an incredibly mixed bag, hasn’t it? There have been some really fun episode, and then some truly misguided stinkers, really throwing the average off like crazy. Last week we had a surprisingly fun episode, exploring Homer and Abe’s relationship in […]

S29 E18 – Forgive and Regret

  Well, everyone, it’s happened. This episode of this Simpsons is their six hundredth and thirty sixth, which means that they’ve officially usurped Gunsmoke to become the longest-running primetime series of all time. It’s a pretty auspicious occasion, somewhat cut down by the recent controversy that’s surrounded the […]

S29 E16 – King Leer

  Hi there everyone. We survived a rather unpleasant episode last week, and have been rewarded with a solid week of most everyone involved with the Simpsons digging themselves an even bigger hole. Oh well. It sucks that they aren’t open to feedback from their viewers, but there’s […]