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Favorite Episodes: Seasons 25-29

  Well everyone, we’re done with our first week of the Wrap-Up of Lifetime of Simpsons. We’ll be discussing my favorite episodes from Season Twenty-Five through Twenty Eight, and then talking about what is my favorite of Season 29 so far. And, across the board, we have some […]

S26 E21 – Bull-E

  You know what this show hasn’t had in too long a time? A cameo from Albert Brooks. Well, how about we fix that today? What’s the episode that that cameo is in about? Mainly just a lackluster story full of crappy behavior and token comeuppance. But, Albert […]

S26 E18 – Peeping Mom

  It’s time to end yet another week here at Lifetime of Simpsons, and I don’t know about you, but I think that means we should probably tackle an incredibly weird and unpleasant episode about Bart and Marge’s relationship being on the rocks. Excitement! The story begins with […]

S26 E16 – Sky Police

  You know, things have been a tad rough here on Lifetime of Simpsons lately. We’re nearing the end of the project, and it seems like the show is ready to give me a last couple of kicks before it’s polished off. But today we have something kind […]