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Luke Cage and the Crushing Burden

  By this point I feel like it’s fairly clear that I’m one of the few people who have connected with Netflix’s Marvel shows. Every time I write about one of the new seasons I usually have to talk about the fact that I realize most people don’t […]

S02 E22 – Blood Feud

Season finale! Already through 2 seasons, and man do I have to say that I’m loving this show again. I’d really forgotten how great it was, and just focused on how bad it got. And now I’m remembering why I was obsessed with this show growing up. It’s […]

S02 E12 – The Way We Was

Flashback episode everybody! I absolutely love the flashback episodes that show Homer and Marge’s relationship in the past, how it’s grown and matured. And the episodes that show the kids when they were younger. It’s the kind of thing that a live-action sitcoms just can’t do. Yeah, they […]