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Favorite Episodes: Season 19-24

Hi there everyone, and welcome back to another day of rattling off my favorite episodes of the Simpsons. And, pleasantly, we have a pretty solid batch of episodes to talk about today. These seasons were kind of a mixed-bag, but for the most part each season had a […]

S19 E20 – All About Lisa

  Well, after yesterday’s unpleasantness I feel like just about anything would seem like an improvement. I can’t quite tell if this is a good episode, of if I just enjoyed it more because it wasn’t “Mona Leavesa.” Either way, it’s better than yesterday, and also gives us […]

S19 E17 – Apocalypse Cow

  You know, we haven’t had an episode where a Simpson fostered a relationship between a random animal. We’ve had elephants, bears, Bolivian tree lizard, and horses, so that means there’s an obvious next step. Cows. And I think it would look a little something like this. The […]

S19 E12 – Love, Springfield Style

  The last couple of seasons I’ve been more or less disappointed by the triptych episodes, Treehouse of Horror notwithstanding. They’ve tended to be pretty lazy, and just generally huge misfires, often coming up with ridiculous stories that barely fit the theme of the episode. That or they […]