Tag: Parody

1999 – Galaxy Quest

  Dear readers, I regret to inform you that I am back on my bullshit. As you can see, we’re here to today to discuss my favorite film of 1999. And, in case you weren’t aware, that’s a pretty tough call. Because 1999 was a bizarrely great year […]

Brightburn and Elseworlds

  I haven’t exactly been subtle with my opinions regarding the recent cinematic appearances of Superman. The trifecta of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League are easily some of the worst representations that that character has ever had, and it’s embarrassing how frustrated I get thinking about how much […]

The Tick and Partners

  It’s no secret that superheroes currently dominate pop culture. The biggest box offices smashes from Hollywood all feature our favorite heroes and villains comics. Television is getting its own wave of superheroic shenanigans. And even video games are having their fair share of spandex-clad adventures. It’s to […]