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S30 E05 – Baby You Can’t Drive My Car

  So far Season 30 has not really been the best season of the Simpsons. It’s actually been pretty rough, giving us some of the most inconsistent and generally weak episodes I’ve seen in quite a long time, really giving me a lot of worry regarding the future […]

S29 E19 – “Left Behind”

  Boy, Season 29 of┬áthe Simpsons┬ásure has been an incredibly mixed bag, hasn’t it? There have been some really fun episode, and then some truly misguided stinkers, really throwing the average off like crazy. Last week we had a surprisingly fun episode, exploring Homer and Abe’s relationship in […]

S29 E18 – Forgive and Regret

  Well, everyone, it’s happened. This episode of this Simpsons is their six hundredth and thirty sixth, which means that they’ve officially usurped Gunsmoke to become the longest-running primetime series of all time. It’s a pretty auspicious occasion, somewhat cut down by the recent controversy that’s surrounded the […]