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1935 – Bride of Frankenstein

  Hello everyone, and welcome to another week through my Cinematic Century. We’re getting into 1935 this week, and that means it’s time for things to get sort of spooky. But, not entirely so. We’re talking about a Universal Monster Movie today, the only one that made it […]

1933 – King Kong

  After last week’s delightful Freaks, a movie that seems to have been marketed and designed to be a story about monsters but actually ends up being a tale of a tight-knit group of friends dealing with hate-filled villains, how about we follow things up with a movie about another […]

Favorite 15 of 2017

  Congratulations everyone. We’ve made it through another year. It sure wasn’t easy, but we’ve done it. It’s been a tough year, folks, but I feel like there’s still some hope in the world right now. Things this year have been pretty terrible. I mean, we have literal […]