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Come to Daddy and Closure

  This is not an original thought, but there really is something fascinating about the fact that the stars of two of the biggest fantasy franchises of the modern era, Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe, have taken their cultural cache, and the money they earned from the roles, […]

1933 – King Kong

  After last week’s delightful¬†Freaks,¬†a movie that seems to have been marketed and designed to be a story about monsters but actually ends up being a tale of a tight-knit group of friends dealing with hate-filled villains, how about we follow things up with a movie about another […]

1927 – Metropolis

Well, it looks like the fun little marathon of silent comedies that’s been making up my Cinematic Century for the last couple of weeks has finally come to an end. And, what better way to finish of this run of quirky comedies than with one of the biggest […]