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Spenser Confidential and the TV Movie

  As I’m sure anyone reading this right now is aware, things aren’t great in the world. A global pandemic has basically shut down society to a degree that we’ve never experienced before, and it’s causing some pretty dramatic changes to people’s lives. And, while this is obviously […]

1946 – The Big Sleep

  Oh, look. Another installment of my Cinematic Century list and another classic noir. I’m nothing if not consistent. And we’re going to be talking about a pretty huge figure in the world of noir today to boot. Good old Humphrey Bogart. Now, I would say that Bogart’s […]

1924 – Sherlock, Jr

  We have another week of the Cinematic Century, and another classic silent comedy. Actually we have a couple more comedies in the upcoming weeks, giving ourselves a nice little marathon. And, to make things even better, we have the first film from Buster Keaton to be featured […]