Tag: Cinematic Century

2008 – In Bruges

  It really has been a fascinating experience watching the ebbs and flows of cinema during the course of this project. Last week I was tasked with picking a favorite film of 2007, a year that contains three of my favorite films of all time, leading to a […]

2007 – Zodiac

  Over the course of the dozens of Cinematic Century posts that I’ve made, I’ve have had to make some really tough calls. The whole point of these articles is to select a favorite film from every year, which sometimes means pitting several movies that could possibly claim […]

2004 – The Incredibles

    Well folks, after mentioning the narrative whiplash effect that I’ve been experiencing lately switching between Catch Me If You Can and Oldboy, it turns out that I got ahead of myself. Because things are taking an even sharper turn this week, with a very different tale of familial love, the Incredibles! I […]