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2018 – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  Well folks, we’ve done it. This is the final installment of my Cinematic Century project. Over the past two years we’ve discussed one hundred films, one for every year between 1918 and 2018, and entire century of favorite films. We’ve seen the ebbs and flows of cinema, […]

2017 – Baby Driver

We’re down to our last two entries of Cinematic Century folks, which means we’re talking about a bunch of movies that really feels like I just saw them the other day. This site was in full force in 2017, I ended up seeing dozens of movies that were […]

2014 – Calvary

  We’re in the home stretch folks, one last month of these Cinematic Century articles, and just a few more favorite films to discuss. And, I have to admit, 2014 is probably the biggest curve-ball I’ve thrown in a while. Lately it feels like I’ve been talking about […]