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That Time Santa Robbed Tony Stark

    It’s Christmas, folks, which means that it’s time to get downright jolly here on Marvel Madness. Earlier this month I shared a story with you all that was a little more heartwarming and schmaltzy than the ones I usually highlight on this site, giving us a […]

Holiday Break

  Hey there everyone. I’m going to be taking this week off from Lifetime of Simpsons, half because of the holidays and half because of my own incompetence from losing the articles that I had ready for this week. So it goes! Have a nice week everyone, relax […]

Die Hard 2 vs 58 Minutes

That’s right everyone, we’re doing this again! Last year when I decided to find a Christmas-related movie that had been based on a novel to highlight I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Die Hard, one of the greatest action films of all time, was surprisingly based on a […]