Tag: Bondathon

Die Another Day and Hiding in the Past

  There comes a certain time in your life when you realize that all movies aren’t great. When you’re a kid you kind of love everything, and going to the theater is such a treat that you just kind of get swept up in the experience and thoroughly […]

Never Say Never Again and Canon

  Oh boy. That’s right folks, we’re getting weird today. When I first decided to do this little project I wasn’t really sure if I was going to tackle Never Say Never Again, since it’s such a total and complete outlier. Because this movie is insane. It’s a remake of Thunderball, with […]

For Your Eyes Only and Tone

So, Moonraker sure was a crazy movie, right? They went to space! They literally sent James Bond to space and had him have a laser-gun fight with some henchmen. That happened. And, surprisingly, people weren’t overly fond of it. It was a huge financial success, but things seemed to have […]