Tag: Billy Wilder

1959 – Some Like It Hot

  Folks, when I first set out on this ridiculous journey to chronicle my favorite films of the last hundred years, there were certain trends that shocked me. And, the thingĀ  that perhaps shocked me the most was the fact that the late fifties were absolutely fantastic. I […]

1951 – Ace in the Hole

  We’re going to be getting shockingly topical this week on Cinematic Century, folks. It’s time to talk about Fake News! And, more specifically, how easily humanity is tricked by sensationalism. Which is always a fun topic. When I sat down to create the list that eventually became […]

1944 – Double Indemnity

  I’ve mentioned this a whole lot here on the site, but one of my all-time favorite genres of storytelling is noir. It’s a fairly broad genre that generally gets used to describe most types of crime stories, but it’s also one that can become very granular, describing […]