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2013 – Inside Llewyn Davis

  There are a few creators who tend to pop up pretty frequently over the course of this project. Directors who really connect with me, and whose work is a reliable source of entertainment and inspiration. The Coen Brothers are that type of creators, two men who make […]

Barry and Finding Your Art

  I know that it’s a tad hackneyed to say, but we really are living in a golden age of television. I’m not quite sure why, but we’ve been getting a steady stream of incredibly well-made television for several years now. Thanks to streaming services and premium cable […]

Coco and Remembrance

  Pixar has been having kind of a rough couple of years. Not only are they embroiled in this wave of scandals that are racing through Hollywood, exposing all of the ingrained perversion in the industry, they just haven’t seemed to have been firing on all cylinders.¬†Inside Out¬†was […]