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Overlord and the Horrors of War

  2018 has been a really solid year for movies. We’ve been given some incredibly massive blockbusters that have destroyed records, we’ve gotten a slew of wonderful dramas, and a nice collection of weirder stuff that will probably be the most remembered in a few decades. But, in […]

The Schlocky Joy of Upgrade

  We live in a world that’s dominated by huge-budget action films, studio tent-poles that are meant to prop up the studio’s entire earnings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the record as being a big fan of the Marvel films, Star Wars, and most of the other massive franchises […]

Die Hard 2 vs 58 Minutes

That’s right everyone, we’re doing this again! Last year when I decided to find a Christmas-related movie that had been based on a novel to highlight I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Die Hard, one of the greatest action films of all time, was surprisingly based on a […]