Tag: 2016

S28 E02 – Friends and Family

  You know how yesterday I talked about the weird Renaissance of Mr. Burns episodes we’ve been having? Well, that streak is going to continue today, because we’re getting yet another one! And, it’s weird as all hell! The episode begins with Smithers dropping Mr. Burns off at […]

S27 E20 – To Courier with Love

  This week’s episodes have been less than stellar. Especially yesterday’s lackluster vacation/flashback episode. So, hopefully whatever we have in store for today will be better. And it’s, let me check my notes….another vacation episode. Oh. The story begins exactly where you’d expect it to. At the dawn […]

S27 E19 – Fland Canyon

  Do you remember a couple of seasons ago when we had an episode where the Simpsons and the Flanders’ went to Jerusalem and the two families didn’t get along? It wasn’t very good, and not particularly memorable, but it found a way to make a vacation episode, […]