Tag: 2015

Children of Time and Humanity’s Flaw

  The world is a very scary place at the moment, sitting by while everything just seems to be crumbling around us. The institutions and functions of society that have been broken for quite some time have been exposed pretty clearly, and chaos just seem to be spreading […]

S27 E09 – Barthood

  Hey there everybody. We’re halfway through a rather mediocre week of episodes, so why not talk about a surprisingly fun little story. It’s a parody of Boyhood, and functions as both a flash-back and flash-forward episode, and I ended up getting surprisingly emotional during it! Oh, and […]

S27 E03 – Puffless

  So, do you remember how I said yesterday that this week was actually going to be pretty solid. Today is the exception. Because I really don’t know what’s going on with this episode. On the one hand, there’s a very strange but delightful story about Maggie befriending […]