Tag: 2014

S26 E01 – Clown in the Dumps

  After yesterday’s unpleasantness, it feels nice to get back to the real Simpsons, and ring in the 26th season with today’s episode. It kind of feels like a masterpiece next to yesterday’s trainwreck, but in objective terms it’s kind of just fine. Not exactly a flashy way […]

The Simpsons Guy

  Okay. Okay. Deep breath. I can handle this. We can get through this. Okay. So, we have something bizarre to talk about today. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need to deal with this episode, that this wasn’t actually something that needed to be discussed […]

S25 E21 – Pay Pal

  You know, sometimes these weeks of Lifetime of Simpsons articles come out a little goofy, due to the whole structure of it. Pulling the next five episodes each week does have a tendency to create weird weeks, that close on odd notes. Like this week. Because yesterday’s […]

S25 E20 – Brick Like Me

  The last couple days have been…less than stellar. But I have good news. Because today we’re going to be talking about a wonderfully weird episode. Because not only are we getting a Homer/Lisa plot, which seem to be shockingly rare these days, we also get an episode […]