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The Simpsons Guy

  Okay. Okay. Deep breath. I can handle this. We can get through this. Okay. So, we have something bizarre to talk about today. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need to deal with this episode, that this wasn’t actually something that needed to be discussed […]

S25 E21 – Pay Pal

  You know, sometimes these weeks of Lifetime of Simpsons articles come out a little goofy, due to the whole structure of it. Pulling the next five episodes each week does have a tendency to create weird weeks, that close on odd notes. Like this week. Because yesterday’s […]

S25 E20 – Brick Like Me

  The last couple days have been…less than stellar. But I have good news. Because today we’re going to be talking about a wonderfully weird episode. Because not only are we getting a Homer/Lisa plot, which seem to be shockingly rare these days, we also get an episode […]