Tag: 2005

S16 E13 – Mobile Homer

  Hey everybody, you know what can always spice up a lackluster week? Giving us one of those ridiculous episodes that revolve around Homer and Marge’s marriage spiraling out of control because of some ultimately insignificant reason that just get swept away at the end without any real […]

S16 E12 – Goo Goo Gai Pan

  Well this is weird. We had an episode about Patty on Monday, and now a Selma episode on Wednesday. That doesn’t happen very often. Plus it’s a really lackluster vacation episode! Joy! Our episode starts off with Mr. Burns heading into the DMV to renew his driver’s […]

S16 E06 – Midnight Rx

  Hey everybody, you know what’s fun to talk about in this day and age? Medical benefits! That’s not a sticky topic at all! Well. Let’s do this thing. The episode begins with the Simpsons heading to Springfield’s aviation museum, stoked that Mr. Burns has apparently reserved the […]