Tag: 2001

S12 E18 – Trilogy of Error

  Oh boy! Let’s get ready for a complicated as hell episode to discuss! This is a weird episode, but I kind of dig it, so let’s see if I can puzzle out the complicated plot in a coherent way. The episode starts off with an average morning […]

S12 E10 – Pokey Mom

  It’s a big day folks. No, not really because of the episode. It’s okay and has some fun Michael Keaton action, but that’s not the important part. Today is July 28, my birthday, which mean this project has been going for a year now. Holy shit. Other […]

S12 E09 – HOMЯ

  Look what we have here everybody, an episode that was shockingly more sweet than I remembered, despite revolving around a crayon lodged in someone’s brain! Things start off with the Simpsons heading to the convention center for some sort of animation convention. Because those are incredibly common. […]