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Issue 529 – “The Thief of Night!”

  Hi there everyone, and welcome back for another installment of Bat Signal, my quest to read every issue of Detective Comics that has ever been published, in random order, and with no real context between issues. An this week we have a story from the weird world of the […]

1983 – The Dead Zone

  I’ve been on a real roll lately here on Cinematic Century, getting to talk about some of my absolute favorite films of all time, duking it out with a whole slew of other amazing movies. But, not 1983. As seems to happen ever few weeks on this […]

Never Say Never Again and Canon

  Oh boy. That’s right folks, we’re getting weird today. When I first decided to do this little project I wasn’t really sure if I was going to tackle Never Say Never Again, since it’s such a total and complete outlier. Because this movie is insane. It’s a remake of Thunderball, with […]