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That Time Doctor Strange Became a Werewolf

  Over the last few years October has become my favorite month to do Marvel Madness posts, because I’m always up for talking about insane Marvel stories that take on a spooky, Halloween-themed bent. But, I’ve also kind of cornered myself into two very specific patterns, sharing stories […]

1979 – Being There

  I’m breaking the trend today, folks! I’ve spent the last few weeks sharing some of the most popular and enduring films of all time with you, massive films that spawned franchises, earning themselves unfathomable amounts of money, and as a result digital ink over the years, making […]

Moonraker and Star Wars

Hey, wait a minute. Yesterday the movie said that James Bond would return in For Your Eyes Only! This is most certainly not For Your Eyes Only! Well, I guess that isn’t a bad thing, because (spoiler alert), I actually like this movie more than For Your Eyes Only. Which I think it kind […]