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That Time the Hulk Led a Museum Mutiny

  If you’ve ever read any of these Marvel Madness posts, it becomes quite clear that there are certain things that will almost guarantee I choose a story to highlight. I generally am working through the various runs of the big Marvel characters, and seeing certain elements will […]

1876 and the Story of Compromise

  A few years ago I talked about a book that I found myself really enjoying. It was Gore Vidal’s Burr, an entry in his long-running Narratives of Empire series which sought to create historical fiction tales about various important moments in American history. The series blended real-life and fictitious characters to […]

1976 – Network

  Another week, another incredible lineup of movies from the 1970’s. But, unlike most of the other years I’ve been talking about lately, 1976 had a clear front-runner for me that never really stood up to much competition. I love Network, and I’ve loved Network from the first time I saw it […]