Introducing the Bucket List

I started the Cinematic Century project I just recently finished because I felt like I wasn’t getting the opportunity to talk about older movies. And, I ended up having a blast with it. Revisiting movies that I love, throughout the history of the medium, and really experiencing the […]

S31 E13 – Frinkcoin

  Well, after an accidental lapse in coverage, we’re back talking about more Simpsons episodes folks! And, it wouldn’t be a modern episode of the show if the subject wasn’t at least four years out of date! That’s right, who wants to talk about cryptocurrency again? But, at […]

The Lodge and Revenge

  We’re apparently having a spooky week here on Puzzled Pagan Presents. I’m not exactly sure why February and March have become quite so full of horror movie releases, other than the potential idea of programming against the glut of romance movies that come out around Valentine’s Day, […]