Crawl and Monster Catharsis

  Earlier this week I talked about the tremendously fun The Art of Self-Defense, and specifically discussed a desire to avoid some of the more soulless big budget fare that’s being put out this summer in order to seek out some weirder mid-tier that are rapidly going the way of […]

1997 – Boogie Nights

  For the foreseeable future, Cinematic Century is going to be nothing but incredibly difficult to decide bloodbaths. I don’t know why, but this period of the late nineties and early aughts are full of years where I’m going to be put in the impossible position of deciding […]

Stuber : The Film Out of Time

  2019 has been a shockingly weak year for movies. While doing my Cinematic Century project here I’ve really learned how Hollywood can have very strange ebbs and flows where one year will be an extravaganza of amazing and seminal films, while the next year will be almost […]