2007 – Zodiac

  Over the course of the dozens of Cinematic Century posts that I’ve made, I’ve have had to make some really tough calls. The whole point of these articles is to select a favorite film from every year, which sometimes means pitting several movies that could possibly claim […]

Joker and Nihilism

  I noticeably haven’t been that on board for the DCEU. And, I don’t even think it’s really an ongoing concern any more. After several truly bad films, the entire franchise seems to have crashed to Earth, taking the few aspects that worked and spinning them off into […]

Vacation Time

Hello everyone. I’m going to be on a much needed vacation for a few days, so the site will be dark. But, when I get back I’ll catch up on Bat Signal, Cinematic Century, Lifetime of Simpsons (which I totally forgot!), and…the Joker movie.