S03 E21 – Black Widower

Ah, like a good slasher villain, Sideshow Bob is back this season to wreck more havoc on the Simpsons family. Sideshow Bob is such a fun character, and I love that in the older season at least, he was used sparingly. He wasn’t showing up every single season, […]

S03 E20 – Colonel Homer

More potential marital infidelity! This is a fun episode, and kind of companion piece to “Life on the Fast Lane,” although Homer remains pretty oblivious to Lurleen’s advances, unlike Marge’s conscious plans to hook up with Jacques. The episode starts off with the family arriving at the movies, […]

S03 E19 – Dog of Death

Well here’s a real weird and depressing episode. If you have a dog, you’re going to hug it after watching this episode (or maybe reading this article) because… yeesh. The episode starts off with a crazy commercial for the State Lottery, which is hilarious. Lottery commercials are always […]

S03 E15 – Homer Alone

Well here’s a weird episode. I really didn’t remember this one quite right. I forgot that it was such a Homer/Maggie episode, and had always remembered it being primarily a Marge one. We really haven’t had a solid Marge episode in a while, hopefully that gets fixed soon. […]