An Illusion of Thieves and the Power of the Caper

  I’ve found myself with a real craving for fantasy stories lately. Perhaps it’s to hide from the bleak horror of reality, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been listening to a staggering amount of D&D podcasts lately, but for whatever reason I’ve been needing something a little fantastical. […]

The Irishman and Regret

  Boy, Martin Scorsese sure has been drumming up a lot of attention on the internet lately, hasn’t he? One of the biggest figures in the New Hollywood movement and one of America’s greatest cinematic auteurs, Scorsese has become a bit of a controversial figure among some of […]

2014 – Calvary

  We’re in the home stretch folks, one last month of these Cinematic Century articles, and just a few more favorite films to discuss. And, I have to admit, 2014 is probably the biggest curve-ball I’ve thrown in a while. Lately it feels like I’ve been talking about […]