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2. Kumonosu-jō (Throne of Blood)

  Welcome back for our second installment of Bucket List, my new ongoing project to cross off as many films from the 1,001 Movies To Watch Before You Die lists as possible. And, we’re following up last week’s inaugural installment with just about as different a movie as possible. Last […]

1. Sullivan’s Travels

  Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first installment of my new movie project, The Bucket List! I wrote an introductory piece last week, but just to be thorough, the whole gist of this series will be that I’m slowly working my way through all the various 1,001 […]

Introducing the Bucket List

I started the Cinematic Century project I just recently finished because I felt like I wasn’t getting the opportunity to talk about older movies. And, I ended up having a blast with it. Revisiting movies that I love, throughout the history of the medium, and really experiencing the […]