Category: Lifetime of Simpsons

S02 E12 – The Way We Was

Flashback episode everybody! I absolutely love the flashback episodes that show Homer and Marge’s relationship in the past, how it’s grown and matured. And the episodes that show the kids when they were younger. It’s the kind of thing that a live-action sitcoms just can’t do. Yeah, they […]

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

Alright everybody, let’s talk about censorship! I really forgot how critical this episode can be, and it really brings up something that pisses me off. People trying to destroy something instead of just parenting their children. Let’s get into it. We start off with a classic first-act misdirect […]

S02 E05 – Dancin’ Homer

Now here’s a weird one. A look into the strange world of professional sports mascots! Not being a sports fan (except for hockey) I never enjoyed when I would be dragged off to watch one of Denver’s several mediocre teams lose on their home fields, but as a kid, […]