Category: Lifetime of Simpsons

S28 E13 – Fatzcarraldo

  Yesterday we got to talk about an incredibly strange and enjoyable episode that did things we’d never seen before in the Simpsons. And today we’re going to talk about chili dogs! It’s serviceable! Today’s story begins with what appears to be a Monolith from 2001. But, it’s […]

S28 E12 – The Great Phatsby

  Well everyone, the last two days haven’t exactly been the best here on Lifetime of Simpsons. But that’s going to change today. Because, while this episode is extremely confounding, it’s also a lot of fun. Although, I can’t understate how bizarre this episode is. Because who hasn’t […]

S28 E11 – Pork and Burns

  After yesterday’s unpleasantness let’s try to right this ship by dealing with a much better episode. Still not entirely great, but much better than yesterday’s episode. And, better yet, it’s all about a character that doesn’t get the respect and attention they deserve anymore. I speak of […]