Category: House-Keeping

Be Back Soon

Hey everyone, so things are nuts, huh? I’ve been doing my best to keep things going on here, but this week just really knocked the wind out of my sails. So, I’m going to take a little bit, get my head right, and I’ll be back with more […]

Sick Leave

    As you probably could tell, I haven’t posted anything this week, because I’ve been sick as a dog. I was hoping to recuperate enough to string some thoughts together to get some stuff up, but I’ve decided to just call this week, and focus on recuperation. […]

Brief Hiatus

  Hi there everyone.   The site is going to be pretty intermittently updated for a few weeks. My wife is going to be having a pretty serious surgery, and that will be taking up a majority of my time for December. There will probably be a few […]

Holiday Break

  Hey there everyone. I’m going to be taking this week off from Lifetime of Simpsons, half because of the holidays and half because of my own incompetence from losing the articles that I had ready for this week. So it goes! Have a nice week everyone, relax […]

Brief Vacation

Hey there everybody. I’m going to be taking this week off from my Lifetime of Simpsons project, because my wife and I are taking a brief trip to California to visit relatives and check in on the Happiest Place on Earth, and then take care of some medical […]