Brief Vacation

Hey there everybody. I’m going to be taking this week off from my Lifetime of Simpsons project, because my wife and I are taking a brief trip to California to visit relatives and check in on the Happiest Place on Earth, and then take care of some medical stuff. I’ll be back next Monday with a really big week of Simpsons, and then things will be back to normal.




A Quick Word

Hello everyone.


Before we get to the usual stuff I do here, I just wanted to say a few words about what happened last night. I usually keep politics out of here, because I’m in no way qualified to discuss them. But last night I watch my country vote for anger, fear, and hatred instead of experience and progress. And I’ve never been more ashamed, angry, and scared to be an American. I’m a straight white dude, the type of person who should theoretically be least affected by the outcome of this election, and if I’m this terrified I can’t imagine how other people are feeling. This is just wrong. My wife and I spent the entire night, awake, shaking with fear and trying not to cry for the future of this world. For the first time in my life I no longer think that I’ll die of old age. I truly believe something horrible has happened, and it’s going to be almost impossible to walk back.




The whole reason that I created this website, and the whole reason that I’ve wanted to be a storyteller my entire life is simple. To make people happy. I hope that any time someone stumbles upon my website they at least leave with a grin. A slight brightening to their day. And that’s why I’m going to keep going. I thought about quitting last night. I thought about giving up and just living a depressing life. But I’m not going to. Happiness and joy are going to be in short supply. And if I can do anything to aid that, I will. So I’m going to keep writing, keep trying to enjoy life, and do everything I can to help people, and help this world.


I’ll get back to nonsense now.



Aloha everyone. There’s not going to be any Lifetime of Simpsons up on the site this week because I’m taking a page from the book of the Dread Dormammu and am relaxing on a beach. I’ll be back next Monday to continue my never-ending task of watching every episode of the Simpsons.



House-Keeping, Lifetime of Simpsons

Short Break

I don’t know if I really have any regular readers of this site, but just in case I wanted to let you know that I’m taking this week off from most of the site. Maybe some smaller articles, but definitely no Lifetme of Simpsons. My wife is having some medical problems, and I’m focusing on that right now, so I didn’t have the time to watch any episodes or write them up. I’ll probably have a Hail, Caesar article up, and maybe a Marvel Madness if I’m bored, but thats it. Things should be back to
normal next week I think. Sorry about that.



I’m Writing a Novel! And Could Use Help

Hi everyone,

I’m writing a book! I’m calling it Bloodhound, and it’s set in a world where a percentage of the population are born with superhuman abilities. There are superheroes and supervillains running around the city, and my main character is a detective with the police, and in charge of solving superhuman crimes. His name is Marvin Morrison, and he has a superhuman sense of smell, kind of like Daredevil, but without the other abilities. And when a serial killer being stalking the city, leaving mysteriously destroyed bodies that don’t seem to correlate with any known ability, Morrison and his human partner Angie have to work through the whole insane city to find the killer.

I’m using a website that’s called Inkshares that sort of works like Kickstarter. I make a pitch and upload a sample chapter or two, and if I get enough preorders, they’ll publish help me edit the project, and publish it as an ebook or even a physical book. And I would love it if you guys would at least check out my project to see if it interests you. I would also highly encourage everyone else to think about trying it. It’s so easy to make a book in this world, and this site is really helping with it, so if you’ve got a story in you, now’s the perfect time to try writing it.

This is a link to my project, if you want to give it a try. Thanks guys.




Hello internet. ┬áMy name is Patrick Gaertner. I’m a geek from Denver, Colorado, and this is my blog about nonsense. This is going to be home to any musing and ramblings I deem fit to publish on the internet. I hope to hit a number of topics that interest me, such as film, tv, books, comics and music. I would love it if people read this, but if not, well that’s okay. This is more for me than anything else.

I hope you enjoy.