Lifetime of Simpsons

S29 E01 – The Serfsons



We’ve entered the most recent season of the Simpsons here on Lifetime of Simpsons now folks. We’re in Season 29, which means we’re nearing the end of this project, at least in its current form. So, what better way to start things off than with a bizarre out-of-canon episode where the Simpsons live in a medical fantasy land?

The episode begins with a parody of the Game of Thrones opening, showing us some glimpses of this fantasy world so that we know kind of what we’re in for. And, once that’s done, we check in with the Simpsons, who are some lowly serfs, the lowest of the low in this society. They live in absolute squalor, having to worship the royalty and knights of the land, even if they come crashing into their house and destroy a majority of it.

Lisa obviously hates this social structure, and gives long speeches about the evils of feudalism, which most of the family just ignores. Homer tries to keep Lisa quiet about her anarchic leanings, and instead tries to placate the family by taking them all out to see that latest heads that have been put up on pikes outside the castle. But, before doing this, they decide to go pick up Marge’s mom Jacqueline to bring her along. So, after stopping by the haunted forest where old people are kept, they make their way to the castle!

They have a pretty good time looking at their friends and neighbors who have been put up on pikes, but the day takes a darker turn when Marge notices something about Jacqueline. Her hands are blue and her whole body is icy cold. Marge is worried about this, and they decide to go visit Barber Hibbert to see what’s wrong with her. And the prognosis isn’t very good. She’s been bitten by an Ice Walker, and is now slowly turning into one of the icy undead.


Hibbert tells them that there’s no cure for this disease, other than a magic amulet that costs 100 gold pieces, which is more that the Simpsons have seen in a lifetime. But Marge doesn’t want to give up. She makes it her mission to find some way to save her mother, even though Homer does bring up the fact that it seems a little foolish to spend that much money to give Jacqueline just a couple more years of life. Which promptly causes Marge to kick him out of the house.

Homer then wanders around their medieval village for a while, giving us some gags. He stops by Moe’s where we see Moe get a prank-raven from Bart, but that doesn’t really go anywhere. So, looking for a way to cheer Marge up, Homer decides to ask his boss, Lord Montgomery to give him the money they need. Unfortunately, Lord Montgomery explains that rich people need the suffering of the lower class, hence his Human Power Plant that Homer works at, and he has no intention of ever giving Homer money, because that would make him happy, and thus Burns less happy. And Homer can’t fault that logic.

Homer has no idea about how to get the money to help Jacqueline, and he starts complaining about it to Lisa, hoping that she’ll have an idea. And she does! It turns out that Lisa has realized that she has magical powers, and demonstrates that to Homer by turning a lump of lead into gold. Homer’s astonished by this, but Lisa tells him to keep it secret, because all children who show magical promise are taken away from their families and forced to work for the King, which she doesn’t want to do.


So, Homer goes and buys the magical amulet, and arrives back at the hovel as a hero. Marge is thrilled with him, and gives the amulet to Jacqueline, which miraculously cures her curse and keeps her alive. There’s just one problem. Jacqueline doesn’t want to live any longer, and is ready to just succumb to her curse and die. But, Marge is able to complain to her mom enough for her to relent, giving Jacqueline life.

However, as the Simpsons are sitting around with Jacqueline, ignoring her passive aggressive comments about her lifespan, disaster strikes. A group of powerful wizards appear in the house, ready to take Lisa into their order. Marge and Homer try to fight back, but they don’t listen to them and just teleport out of there with Lisa. And this is enough for Homer to finally take Lisa’s rantings to heart, and he decides it’s time to overthrow feudalism.

Homer then heads to the town square and starts riling up the townsfolks, convincing them that they need to revolt and overthrow the upper class. So, everyone gets some weapons, begins rioting, and marches off to the castle. It seems like they’re going to run into a bit of trouble when they get to the castle and its massive walls, but luckily some sentient trees arrive to help. The townsfolk then promptly kill the trees and turn them into ladders, which wasn’t exactly what they intended, but it got to the same result.

They swarm the castle and begin fighting with the knights and lords of the castle, and for a while things seem to be going quite well. Until Lord Wolfcastle shows up astride a massive dragon. He uses the dragon to keep the townsfolk under control, and it seems like they’re all about to be burned to death. Until Jacqueline comes up with a plan to save the day. She says goodbye to Marge and slips off the amulet, transforming into an undead Ice Queen.

Jacqueline is then able to use her icy powers to kill the dragon, letting the serfs finally win. They begin celebrating and the child wizards are all freed, including Lisa. She tells the people that things are going to be quite different now, and they’ll have a world that runs on science. Since magic comes from dragons, and that was the last dragon. And this isn’t really what anyone else in town wants, so they end up resuscitating the dragon and bringing magic back in the world, afraid to change things.


I don’t really know why this episode exists, but it’s pretty damn fun. I guess this is supposed to be cashing in on Game of Thrones? But an episode from late 2017 doesn’t really quite feel like striking while the iron is hot. Regardless of that, this episode is pretty fun. There’s not much too it, and it feels like it relies almost entirely on sight gags rather than an interesting plot, which certainly keeps it from being a really interesting episode, but it works okay. The episode is full of gags and we get to see some fun fantasy jokes and references, it just would have been nice if as much effort had been put into the plot of the episode.

Take Away: Fight the power! Overthrow the government! Hack the planet!


“The Serfsons” was written by Brian Kelley and directed by Rob Oliver, 2017.



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