Lifetime of Simpsons

S21 E05 – The Devil Wears Nada


So the last couple of weeks have been kind of weird here on Lifetime of Simpsons. Most of the episodes have felt incredibly familiar, like bad knock-offs of much better episodes. But if there’s one thing I can say about today’s episode, it’s that it’s certainly nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. Whether or not that this is a positive thing will be up to you.

Thing start off with Homer and the fellas holding a goodbye party for some dude named Ted that they all seem very fond of. And the reason for that is the fact that Ted was apparently their supervisor, and really didn’t give a crap about anything the guys ever did. So if you’ve ever wondered how Homer, Carl, and Lenny get away with all of their stupid shenanigans, it’s because Ted does not give a fuck. And now he’s gone.

Which means that Mr. Burns is going to have to make a new supervisor for Sector 7-G. He decides that he’s going top promote from within, and the only choices seem to be Homer, Lenny, and Carl. And because Carl demonstrates a modicum of intelligence while Burns is staring at them he’s the lucky winner! That’s right, Carl is now the boss. He gets to be king of the morons! And Homer is kind of worried that Carl is going to change, and let power go to his head.

Meanwhile we see that Marge is hosting a meeting of the “Charity Chicks” a group of local women who get together and plan different volunteer work that they could do. And when it’s time for brainstorming Luann Van Houten comes up with something out of the ordinary. Apparently the police department put out a beefcake calendar recently, so they decide to steal that idea, and have a calendar where all of them dress scandalously.

So the ladies head to some crummy looking photo studio, basically just a Sears, and get all set up. They decided that their calendar should be based about famous women in history, which Marge of course thought meant she should wear an absurd amount of clothes. The other women insist that they need to be more scantily clad, and end up getting Marge drunk on wine until she loses all inhibitions and begins posing as wildly as possible.


And a couple days later when Marge goes to pick up the calendars she finds something shocking. Her pictures were so ridiculous that they decided to make every month one of her pictures, and they’re far more revealing than she thought they would be. Marge is pretty mortified about this, especially as the calendar begins rapidly traveling around town, everyone taking a peak. But then something shocking happens. People don’t act creepy, they just compliment her, and she ends up getting incredibly flattered by all of the attention that she’s getting.

Meanwhile, Carl has proven to be a pretty hardass boss, working Homer like crazy, and not accepting any of Homer’s old bullshit. And, to make matters worse, he even “promotes” Homer to being his personal secretary, which means that Carl can call and harass Homer whenever he wants. Which turns out to be a big problem when Marge wants to have sex with Homer. He’s too tired and wiped out, and just falls asleep, leaving her unfulfilled.

Marge is really worried about this though, and decides to book her and Homer a weekend at a fancy hotel to try and rekindle their romance. She even brings some sex dice to try and spice things up. This unfortunately leads to very confusing results, but they just ignore them and have sex the old-fashioned way. Well, that is until Homer gets a call from Carl telling him that the two have to go to a Nuclear Power symposium in France and he has to leave immediately.


Marge is obviously pissed about this, but Homer decides he has no choice, and heads out to Paris with Carl. She starts storming around the front lawn, having a fit, when she ends up throwing a random croquet mallet into Ned’s head. Marge immediately runs over to Ned to apologize for hitting him in the head with a mallet, and ends up inviting him and the boys over to the house for dinner that night. Hopefully that will get her mind off of Homer and his behavior.

Meanwhile, Homer and Carl have gotten to Paris, and are having a blast going around the city, seeing all of the sights as fast as possible. They then get to a fancy party before the symposium and Homer starts proving that he’s a fantastic assistant, keeping Carl abreast of everything. He even gets Carl laid. However, it seems like he’s doing too good, because Carl announces that he and Homer are going to stay in Paris indefinitely, making big deals in Europe. So Homer wanders the streets of Paris, sadly thinking about Marge and trying to figure out what to do.

And back at Springfield, things are getting weird. It turns out that Marge never told Bart and Lisa about the dinner with Ned, and they both have plans. So it’s just going to be Marge, Ned, Rod, and Todd. Well, that is until Ned shows up solo, saying that the boys have been grounded. So now it’s just Ned and Marge. And almost immediately something awkward starts to happen. While the two are cooking dinner Marge starts to have sexy thoughts about Ned.

The two almost kiss in the kitchen, but just ignore it and get ready for dinner. Meanwhile, Homer is racing back to Springfield, having blackmailed Carl into being okay with it in exchange for Homer not telling the Prime Minister of France that Carl slept with his wife. Homer then comes home right as Marge and Ned are having strawberries and whipped cream for dessert, and almost kiss again. The two agree that the night should be over, Homer comes in, and isn’t even suspicious at all. Homer says goodbye to Ned, and now that he’s finally happy and stress-free Homer has sex with Marge, fixing everything.


What a very strange episode. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about this episode that just feels off to me. And I don’t think it’s the idea that Marge almost has an affair with Ned. We’ve seen both Homer and Marge almost have affairs several times, so it shouldn’t be that. There’s just something about focusing on Marge being sexually unfulfilled that just seems very unique for the show. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily, it’s just something that kind of caught me off-guard. The episode is pretty good, overall, mainly for showing a very realistic and mature issue that two married people are going through. Homer having work stress and letting that keep him for being a good partner to Marge is something shockingly real for the show for this era, and it was nice to see the show actually have some depth.

Take Away: Don’t let work ruin your personal life.

“The Devil Wears Nada” was written by Tim Long and directed by Nancy Kruse, 2009.


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