Lifetime of Simpsons

S06 E03 – Another Simpsons Clip Show


Oh boy! Another clip show! So I’m going to give you guys a peak behind the curtain on this one. I always watch the episodes and take notes about things I find interesting, and that I want to mention in the article. Those notes usually take up about a page in my word processor. This episode? A third of a page. I actually got a bit out of the last clip show, since I was able to talk about how weird the whole concept was, but this time I don’t really have that excuse. So let’s get going on what’s probably going to be the shortest article I’ve ever written!

The episode starts off with Marge sitting up at night, crying and reading the Bridges of Madison County. She’s crying because the book is so romantic, and decides that this is a perfect time to talk to Homer about romance and their marriage, so she wakes him up. They start talking about their marriage, much to Homer’s annoyance, and the clips start pouring in like crazy right off the bat. Marge tells him that he has to read the book, and discuss it with her, because late night talks about books and how their marriage isn’t up to snuff with a fictional marriage is always a good idea. Homer ponders the book for a moment, and hilariously throws it right into a fireplace that they have in their bedroom for now reason. Because don’t we all go to sleep with a roaring fire in the same room?

The next morning Marge comes down and tells the kids that they’re going to have a terrible day, because she wants to have a big discussion about love. Bart tells her that this is pointless, since he already learned all about sex from Fuzzy Bunny, but Marge lets him know that she wants to talk about love, not “love.” So the family sits around the kitchen table for the most awkward conversation of all time, while we learn that pretty much everyone in town has weird romantic lives. Marge keeps trying to get them to talk about things, but no one but her is interested, so she decides to really scar everyone by telling them the story about her and Jacques, which hasn’t come up before I guess. And they really play a lot of that episode. Pretty much every scene in that episode that features Jacques is shown, and it’s a little strange that she even brought it up, because by the end Marge explains that she told the story as her ideal of romance, if you take out the fact she was married. Which is super weird, since Jacques was a sketchy perv in that episode. But it does lead to the hilarious scene of Homer telling Marge that he wants her to break things off with Jacques, but slowly so not to hurt him. Oh Homer.

So in retaliation for that scaring story, Homer decides to one-up Marge by telling everyone the Mindy story, which also shows a whole lot of that episode. Just like the Jacques thing, we see pretty much every scene that featured Mindy, even oddly enough the scene with Mr. Burns and the flying monkeys. Which is strange, but hey, I’m not going to complain, because that joke is spectacular. But Homer tells the whole story, showing that he can almost have an affair too, and Marge gets all mad at him until he tells us that apparently Mindy hit the bottle pretty hard after losing him and ended up getting fired. Pretty dark.

But they still haven’t told a story about a successful love, so the kids step up and decide to tell their own love stories, saying that they’ll have happy endings. But Lisa tells the Ralph “Choo-choo-Choose Me” story, while leaving out the ending which actually makes the story sweet, and Bart tells the story about falling in love with Laura Powers, also not telling them the end of that story. The family then sits around, depressed about telling each other their saddest romantic moments, which is summed up with Bart’s great line “thanks for opening up old wounds, mom.” And with everyone upset, Marge scrambled and tries coming up with some successful romances, and hilariously thinks about Selma and Sideshow Bob for a second, before telling the Grandpa and Jacqueline romance from just a couple episodes ago, which also ends sadly. But just as Marge is about to give up, Homer saves the day and tells the family about the most successful romance of all time, his and Marge’s. We then get a montage of them kissing after seeing their adorable prom story. But the kids have stopped caring at that point and have gone off to watch Itchy and Scratchy while Homer and Marge continue to kiss in the kitchen.


This wasn’t really the strongest clip show the Simpsons ever did. Not many of them are really all that great, but this one fell flat for me. It’s nice to see the various romantic stories that the show did, but in the end it was pretty pointless. Which I guess is the whole point of clip shows, but still.

Take Away: Love is hard. That’s pretty much it.


“Another Simpsons Clip Show” was written by Jon Vitti and directed by David Silverman, 1994.




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