I’m Writing a Novel! And Could Use Help

Hi everyone,

I’m writing a book! I’m calling it Bloodhound, and it’s set in a world where a percentage of the population are born with superhuman abilities. There are superheroes and supervillains running around the city, and my main character is a detective with the police, and in charge of solving superhuman crimes. His name is Marvin Morrison, and he has a superhuman sense of smell, kind of like Daredevil, but without the other abilities. And when a serial killer being stalking the city, leaving mysteriously destroyed bodies that don’t seem to correlate with any known ability, Morrison and his human partner Angie have to work through the whole insane city to find the killer.

I’m using a website that’s called Inkshares that sort of works like Kickstarter. I make a pitch and upload a sample chapter or two, and if I get enough preorders, they’ll publish help me edit the project, and publish it as an ebook or even a physical book. And I would love it if you guys would at least check out my project to see if it interests you. I would also highly encourage everyone else to think about trying it. It’s so easy to make a book in this world, and this site is really helping with it, so if you’ve got a story in you, now’s the perfect time to try writing it.

This is a link to my project, if you want to give it a try. Thanks guys.


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